Mobile Hydraulic Stage XTX32

The XTX32 Mobile Hydraulic Stage has an impressive footprint of 32′ wide by 24′ deep. With a full load bearing roof cover that is 34′ wide and 28′ deep. ¬†2 sound bays hold up to #2500 each.

The setup time is approx 1.5 hrs with a crew of 2. That impressive speed allows for your event to be set up fast and safe.

  • Stage Floor 32′ by 24′ Plywood with Industrial Paint
  • Stage Floor height is 3′ to 5′ (depending on terrain)
  • Solid Roof cover is 34′ wide by 28′ deep.
  • Roof Trim is 16′ to 19′ Stage Floor to bottom of Roof
  • 2 Solid Stage Access Stairs
  • Full Guardrail package for safety
  • Additional Monitor wing and Guitar World may be added to increase the overall size of the stage.
  • Black skirting finishes off the overall appearance¬†of the stage for a clean and professional appearance
  • Optional Banner Kit allows for custom Branding of your event