Theatrical Lighting has the ability to transform any event.

At Magic Productions we have extensive experience in lighting any event. For example, Corporate Conferences atmosphere can be transformed by simply adding LED uplighting. Rock Concerts can become an immersive experience with the addition of LED automated moving head lights. Theatrical Productions can tell the story brilliantly with well planned and executed lighting.

We have a full complement of LED Fixtures that include but not limited to the following:

  • Elation Satura Profile
  • Martin Rush MH1 Profile Plus Moving Head Spot
  • Martin Rush MH6 Moving Head Wash
  • Elation Color Chorus 72 LED Strip Lights
  • Elation ACL 360i Moving Head Pin Spot
  • LED RGBW Audience Blinders
  • Source Four Ellipsoidal
  • Source Four Pars
  • Box Truss
  • Chain Motors
  • Support Towers

Please check out our EQUIPMENT list for a list of all available equipment.